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Chief Fire Officer

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Nathan Smit
+27 677 332 166

Type of Job


Published Date

January 2, 2021 at 10:00:00 PM

About the job


• Regularly discuss with the Fire Board your short and long-range vision for the District
• Plan, organize and direct activities relating to the mission and goals, emergency medical services, fire protection, and other services.
• As necessary assume Duty Chief responsibilities, including responding to major emergency incidents and personally directing activities.
• Prepare and administer the District’s annual budget.
• Develop five year forecast of revenues and expenditures based on economic assumptions.
• Represent the District as a community leader in relationships with the public, community groups, and professional organizations.
• Establish a team environment that effectively implements the District’s mission,
vision, and values.
• Make presentations before the County Board of Supervisors, County Boards, Commissions and coordinate District’s activities with other fire and government
• Select, supervise, train, and evaluate staff.
• Pursue a safe and healthy work environment.
• Direct and participate in the development of new fire protection ordinances.
• Perform other assignments by the CEO.
• Work closely with the Board President to form Board meeting agendas.
• Meet routinely with each of the Fire Board Directors.

• Ability to work emergency incident response overtime.
• Periodic standing, walking and stooping on pavement, asphalt and uneven terrain.
• May be required to walk and run while carrying equipment.
• Occasionally must bend, stoop, kneel or crouch to deal with emergency medical
patient needs, operate rescue equipment or carry equipment and/or hose lines into a burning building.
• Occasionally must crawl within confines spaces and/or within a smoke filled
atmosphere to perform fire control, emergency escape or rescue operations.
• Occasionally must be able to climb ladders, stairs, ramps, scaffolds, poles and the like using feet or legs and/or hands and arms.
• Occasionally must be able to twist the torso, reach overhead and perform neck and cervical movement to accomplish pulling hose and when performing rescue techniques.
• Occasionally must have the strength to lift up to 100 lbs., using appropriate lifting and squatting techniques.
• Must be able to drag an injured victim from a danger area for eventual rescue by a two-member team.
• As part of two-person team must be able to lift a patient or rescue victim.
• Must be able to extend arms and hands in any direction and be able to seize, hold, grasp, turn and otherwise work with hands; must have the fine finger manipulation equivalent to writing.
• Must be able to talk and hear with adequate acuity when giving and taking
emergency orders and following directions as appropriate.
• Must have the visual capacity, depth perception and color vision to drive and follow hazard notification signs.
• Must be able to work in a variety of environmental situations including: indoors, outdoors, fumes, dust, gases, humidity, odors, ventilation, noise or vibration, extreme heat/cold, and in situations where traffic, chemical spills, fires and biohazards exist.
• Ability to work within the chain of command system, give and accept constructive criticism, react quickly and calmly in emergency situations.
• Ability to effectively communicate and maintain positive working relationships with the Board, peers, subordinates, other public safety personnel, and members of the public.



  • Experience: Broad and extensive experience in all phases of emergency medical services, fire protection, support services work and five (5) years in a responsible senior fire management capacity, Battalion Chief and higher. 

  • Education: A bachelor degree (BA/BS) from an accredited college with major course work in fire science, public or business administration is preferred. The Board of Directors may consider significant advanced work experience and accomplishments as an offset to the degree requirement. 

Knowledge of: 

  • Principles, practices, methods, and techniques of developing team spirit, and organizational communication. 

  • Managing and supervising modern emergency medical services, fire prevention, and fire suppression activities. 

  • Capabilities of firefighting apparatus and equipment. 

  • Principles and practices of modern fire department administration, risk management, and personnel training. 

  • Principles and practices of organization development, administration, budgeting/public finance, and personnel management. 

  • Applicable laws, rules, regulations, ordinances and codes pertaining to fire protection, fire prevention and arson investigation. 

  • Strategic planning and grant solicitation processes. 

Ability to:

  • Make timely decisions. 

  • Establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with those contacted in the course of work. 

  • Communicate clearly and concisely both orally and in writing. 

  • Select, supervise, train, and motivate subordinates. License/Certifications: 

  • Possession of an appropriate and valid California motor vehicle operator’s license. DESIRED 


  •  Postgraduate college education in relevant managerial field


Competitve salary paid in USD

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