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C++ Systems Developer (Quantitive Trading)

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Nathan Smit
+27 67 733 2166

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Published Date

April 25, 2021 at 12:00:00 AM

About the job

As a C++ Developer, the candidate will be working on the next generation of in-house built trading platform. The candidate will be exposed to a range of cutting-edge technologies and working practices.

You will work together with the CTO and quant traders to design and build trading systems and infrastructure to interpret market data, make trading decisions, and execute transactions 24/7.

You will be working on a C++/Python software library that prices derivatives and calculates risks. Your focus will be on efficient algorithms, vectorization and parallelization, compilers, architecture of cross-asset pricing engines, core library frameworks, performant interface design and continuous integration infrastructure. You will be optimizing the code for the hedge fund trading platform and be building new products and features to be launched internationally


- Degree (Bachelor's or higher) in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering from a top university
- Experience working on the design and development of complex systems, not necessarily trading related
- Proficiency in C++ and or Python is preferred

- Experience working on the development of Smart Contract with Solidity (advantageous) 

- High functioning teamwork and communication skills as we are a remote team
- Strong quantitative and analytical problem-solving skills

Ideally candidates who have the following experience:

-Strong knowledge of algorithms, data structures, and optimization

-Familiarity in any of the areas of: parallel programs, high performance computing, networking, computer architecture

-Experience implementing trading engines that support 24/7 trading
-Experience building or supporting high-performance, reliable, mission-critical systems


S$84,000- S$180,000 per annum negotiable 

About us

Our client is a successful quantitative hedge fund trading in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. A family-style remote team of quant traders, programmers, money and risk managers located in USA, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Deka Minas is the world's first subscription based professional services company. Our main lines of business are Human Capital Advisory and Recruitment Services in Sub-Saharan Arica, The Middle East and Southeast Asia.



If you are interested in this role, please send your CV to
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